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I had a big function/fundraiser to attend several years ago and decided to go crossdressed. It was at a fancy hotel and in the big function room.  I decided to get my hair and nails done before the event.

The local technical high school has a cosmetology school and the students practice on the customers.  I called to schedule an appointment on the day before the event.  

I decided to wear a dress that morning and put on ladies boots and coat.  I grabbed my purse and went out to run a few errands before the appointment.
I drove to the school and parked in the area designated for the technical school.  Up the stairs and found the school.  I checked in and everyone was cool with my crossdressing.  I sat to wait for the nail stylist and after a few minutes walked to the area where the manicures were done.  The instructor introduced me to the student stylist and I sat down in the chair.  We chatted while she did my nails and cuticles. 

I had to ask for red polish before the clear coats but the nails looked great and it was fun being treated like a woman.  I paid and tipped the student stylist and put my coat on to go outside.  Nails sure look good.
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I try to keep mine done all the time but I do them myself. I haven't gotten the nerve up to go get them done. But when I finally do I will have extensions put on.

I've never used them.

I would go a minimum half inch probably 3/4 of an inch long. Probably in a french style.

You're going to enjoy it

I think painted nails are awesome!

And they look so good. Much better than after I do them myself.

Well I am getting better at doing my own but still they do a much better job.