Mature......Not Old.

;-] What I mean is that I want a relationship that is full of mutual respect, affection, love, & responsibility, without being "boring". I mean, I want a guy who isn't afraid to make a snowman, act like a fool, have long lazy afternoons with me. I want the whole thing. Now, I'm not saying that I'll get it or that it is even possible.............but it sure is nice to dream about it & hope for it, don't ya think? =]

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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

It is a nice thought...after being married for 21 years, for me, I think while it's possible, it's highly unlikely....

you can have that. me and my boyfriend lay in bed all day on sundays and eat raisin bran and watch tv and laugh/giggle and rub eachother back and just relax and love eachother by just being there laying all day/afternoon til we are ready to actually go out into the world for the day. we never fight we just talk and if we can't find a solution we just let eachother know we respect the others opinon. so don't let it just be a dream for you. Make it reality like I did.