My Desire

I have only recently come to appreciate what a mature relationship is.

To me it means:

Recognizing that we have differences, talking about them and enjoying them about each other.

Being committed in a realistic, sincere way that gives each other confidence and security.

Sharing our lives, our emotions, our feelings, our bodies, our fears, our dreams and our resources without selfishness or resentment.

Taking time to notice the good things about each other, our lives and ourselves.

Respecting each other in every way.

Working together to find solutions in a mutually beneficial way.

Seeing challenges as opportunities.

Finding peace in being together and in sharing our hearts.

Having fun, letting go, trusting each other to never take advantage and acting in a trustworthy manner from a deep set of internal values.

Caring and acting from a sense of love and giving.

Accepting influence from each other  cheerfully and with thoughtful consideration.

Accepting responsibility for our own feelings and actions.

Being able to apologize and forgive freely.

Accepting each other as you are.

Helping each other find happiness and recognizing joy for what it is.

Celebrating integrity and individuality.

Sincerely appreciating each other.

Does this exist or am I a dreamer?

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11 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Good point Surrenderedwife. I choose to dream.

I've been searching for that my entire life. Until I find someone who has all those qualities I'll just keep searching.

If is isn't real you are a beautiful dreamer....

I'll be with Grieta...

When can I pick you up at the airport? I'll be wearing a yellow sunflower.

I think it is possible. I'm searching.

Oh, and its true, such a relationship requires a lot of trust and letting go of personal masks and defenses (in response to the first comment), and so therein lies the risk of such a strong bond, I guess: knowing that both of us can emotionally destruct the other if one felt like it. But our trust for each other pardons such paranoia from seeming like it would ever occur. :)

It's real. Heck, I read every line of your post, and except for "Celebrating integrity and individuality" (*raises eyebrow* whatever that means), I'd say that this describes my relationship quite perfectly. <br />
<br />
My whole relationship has a been weird, quirky, and novel journey. I love him, he loves me, and we know it. <br />
<br />
You have to give love a chance. When we started dating I was reluctant about my feelings for him and about the relationship, but I took the risk, and it's become something very beautiful. We fight a lot, but we love a lot more. <br />
<br />
Anyways, wanted to tell you it's out there. You'll just never know until it hits you, though.

It exists already and it is reaching for you. How very fine...

If you're a dreamer, so am I.

In theory its a beautiful concept, How ever to many human beings are hiding behind to many masks and facades to ever be this real with another human being that would make one vulnerable, however i am a cynic so its your dream who am I to say it can or will not happen.<br />
Still a beautiful concept.