My Submissive Fantasy

I have this overwhelming desire to be completely dominated by a woman. I am always in charge, and want to be the sex toy for a woman.

My fantasy starts out with me walking into her home, and immediately being smacked and chastised for having the nerve to dress like a man, when we both know that I am just a little "sissy boy". I beg her to make me her listtle **** and **********. After having me undress, and paddling me, i crawl behind her to her bedroom, where I'm instructed to put on her panties, while she puts on a strap on *****. She then puts a blindfold on me, and has me get on all fours.

I can then sense someone come into the room, and I'm told that I will help her experience sex by a real man. When her lover approaches, I'm told that his ***** needs to be lubed up before she gets ******. Then I'm told her lover shoots so much ***, that he needs to unload some of it, and my mouth seems like the perfect place! I'm warned not to spill a drop! After he ***** my mouth and I swallow it all, i must lick his **** each time he slides out. Once he **** in her, I'm ordered to lick her clean. To make sure I get every drop, I lay on my back as she sits on my face, and huge amounts of *** keep dripping into my mouth - and I'm insatiable.

I could go on, but I'll stop here.
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Jan 15, 2013