I want some structure in my life I don't get it at home. So I'm looking for someone who will help set limits on going out during school and on weekends. Someone who will help me know what I need to achive with school make sure I do my homework and study. And anything else they see fit as important rules. And will have punishments when I do something wrong. I prefer this person older then me. If interested comment or message me I don't do pictures.
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Ok sweetheart First all you have to be very careful with finding a mentor since you're a minor. Rape etc. Keep in mind it may take 1 or 2 years. I'd have a female mentor till you are 18. I'm married 33 years it took me a year to find right person.

I don't normally add minors I'll will add you for your safety sweetheart. One way to get a mentor is the boys girls clubs in your hometown. They can help with school etc. No they won't spank no but help you otherwise. Do you have a relative you can ask or teacher if not your parents how about a friends parents who spank.

Your goals truly should be driven from the inside. But if your butt is the vehical to get you where you need to be, I certainly can help navigate the course using words and a wooden paddle.

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