A Desire Years In The Making Part Two

You know that I love ****, right?  Particularly amateur ****.  Decently filmed stuff, with unscripted, spontaneous dialogue.  Two people saying heartfelt stuff to each other as they engage in hot monkey loving.  Moaning.  No cheesy music overlaid on the soundtrack.  And no ******* television or radio noise.  Just the sounds and sights of sex.

What you may not know is that I've been into watching gay **** for a while.  Some of it is pretty good.  It turns me on to watch a man suck another man.  To watch a man **** another man.  To watch a man kiss another man. 

I like to see gay men love each other.  Two women together does little for me.  I will confess that two women and a man elicits a small stirring of interest.  But two men and a woman? 

Oh, my.

I had submerged that scene from my list of fantasies until fairly recently.  Last October, when I went to the pancake house to meet my first gentleman friend, I learned about the attraction he felt toward men.  He spoke rather passionately about the wonderful feeling of being taken by a man, penetrated in the ***, understanding the intensity of emotion similar to the vulnerability a woman feels.   I'd known that he was bisexual, of course, since his profile indicated this, but until he took the time to explain it to me, I couldn't really appreciate what went on in his head about it all.  What a revelation.  I wish I'd taken notes, or captured his thoughts on tape recorder.  I am stupid sometimes.

Still, his words to me lingered.  I felt the sense of wonder he had about it all, and figured other men probably had similar feelings.  So when I realized that my dearest buddy harboured some urges to taste manflesh, I was actually pretty excited.  I realized that I could totally get into such a thing.

And that startled the heck out of me.  I am not the woman I was a year ago.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

I know what you mean about gay ****. I'm not into the butt stuff but oh it is so delicious to see a guy sucking on a guy. I figure that as women we certainly know how much fun giving a good ******* can be so it adds extra spice to watching two guys exchanging ********. Fun.

Yes! Exactly.