A Desire Years In The Making Part Four

He is so cautious, so careful.  And yet so terribly passionate. 

That's the thing about this man, why I'm so drawn to him.  He is not reckless.  But there is a wild heart inside of him that yearns to try things that are not part of his daily existence.  Slightly taboo, a bit kinky. 

He has a sensuality that delights me to my very core.  A way of expressing himself that is unlike any other.  When he writes, his words so often surprise me in the elegant complexity of their construction.  He makes me think.  He challenges me.  He stimulates my mind.  And in so doing, he stimulates other parts of me as well.  He is one horny guy, I kid you not.  I love that about him.  He's like a whole continuum of men, from a lusty teenager up to the very good looking, smooth and capable man he is today.  He's got a decidedly grown up brain and work ethic.  But his heart runs the gamut of ages from youthful exuberance and experimentation to a steadfast, mature love of family and friends.  His desires know no bounds, even if he's not pursued them in 3D.

He excites the hell out of me.

I knew he was interested in sucking ****.  One of his confessions gave me the clue.  He'd written of attaching a ***** to the wall, sucking and gagging on it, reaching ****** easily.

He'd written about this.  Moreover, his body had reacted with approval.  Consider this phrasing:  With all uncertainty I brought the head of the ***** into my mouth. My **** roared with approval. I slid my tongue around as if I were attempting to pleasure the ****.  Sweet baby Jesus.  I wished I'd seen him do this thing.  So ******* exciting.  Utterly hot.  And the notion of him with another man?  That **** of his would have been unbelievably hard.  I was quite sure he wanted it:

I released the ***** slowly from my mouth and felt the warm *** sliding down among my fingers. Looking down I noticed the wall beneath the ***** was splashed substantially. What it must be like, I thought, to have the real thing in your mouth?

He'd approached the subject delicately, so I endeavoured to follow suit when I spoke to him next.  I took a slightly roundabout route to bring up the subject.  What unfolded was pretty startling for both of us.

me: I have noticed that some of the women who wear strapons
instruct their men to suck the ***** in order to lubricate them before they **** 
but I wonder...
two things, really...
1. would that be sufficient lubrication or would I need to use some sort of Astro glide type stuff?
2. does the thought of sucking on such a toy turn you on?
Him: you would absolutely need lube
me: okay. thought so.
Him: lots and lots of lube
me: ah
Him: now as to the sucking
i don't know if it's a turn on exactly
  it struck me as totally taboo
 me: mmmmhmmm
 Him: and the one time i played around
  i got very hard and came instantly
me: played around?
 Him: i think this was one of my EP confessions
  i acquired a somewhat large *****
 me: ah yes
 Him: smooth head
  1.75 inches wide
  probably 8 long
 me: right o
 Him: so i think
if you got off on this
  i would try it
  and if we weren't sure
  i'd try it
  but if it were a turn off i don't need it as part of my pegging
me: it's not a turn off for me, not at all
  especially if the ***** is realistic looking
  I just wondered how you felt
  have you ever fantasized about sucking a real ****?
  I can testify it is quite nice
Him: * smiles *
  i have
  fantasized that is
 me: you have done it or you have -- ah
  got it
  any prospects?
  to make your dreams come true, that is?
Him: you pegging me? i leave room for the possibility
  now if you were wearing a two sided strap on
  and i knew
  that kneeling in front of you
  gave you both this new experience
  with every thrust you got closer to *******
then your losing yourself to the moment 
and having at my throat
would make me more inclined to suck
me: It's funny, you know...
I would enjoy that, to be sure...
but I can't help thinking that a Mfm would be amazing...
if the men did more than just pay attention to me
  but also interacted.
  I will confess to you
  that the idea of a DP is exciting as hell
but so is the idea of being with a man I loved as he sucked another man's ****
  Man, I cannot believe I just admitted that.
 Him: * smiles *
  i suspect you've not shared this with too many 3D friends
me: hell no
  nor with any of my online ones
  you do trigger something unique in me
 Him: and it's definitely about your man doing the sucking
 me: a willingness to share
to have you…
to have the man I loved experience what it is like for me to suck…to be penetrated
 Him: and you are watching closely
 me: absolutely
 Him: very closely
me: as close as I can get, lover
 Him: you want to see the rim disappear past his lips
 me: yesss
 Him: especially that first time
 me: and the wonder in your eyes
 Him: not knowing what to do with hands
me: I know what I'd do with mine
Him: * smiles *
me: you could suck him and be sucked by me
Him: oh but then you would have a tougher time watching
me: good point
Him: and i'm thinking the other man is standing
me: are you hanging off the bed like the way you described me that one time?  or kneeling?
 Him: kneeling
 me: ah
 Him: and you could kneel between us
 me: I could, yes
 Him: your hand on his ***
  and my back
 me: mmmm
so nice
 Him: you know there would be gagging
 me: very likely
 Him: especially if the other man was sizeable
  in length
me: holy hell, lovey
 Him: ?
 me: you are making me gush talking like this
  I kid you not
 Him: if he put his hands behind my head
  i might object
i would only let him take the tempo if he was getting close
  and i was getting past the gag
 me: you do get past it, you know
 Him: lol
  on the first **** ?
 me: your throat relaxes and accommodates.  it's been a long time since the first time I gave a blow job, but from pretty early on... I found I could take his **** deeply if I just remembered to breathe through my nose  and relax my throat muscles
 Him: good tips
 me: to welcome him in…yess
 Him: so you might need to drop your hands
  while you watch
  me administer this blow job
 me: I couldn't stroke you?
  Just hold your ****?
 Him: you would likely need to stroke you first
 me: true enough
  doing so now, a bit
 Him: your eyes watch as my tongue extends from my mouth
  and swirls around his head
  flicking the underside
reluctantly my hand reaches for his balls
 me: oh
 Him: and the base of his shaft
 me: yessss
 Him: and then my mouth forms an O
  and i try a little bob
  in and out swiftly
me: taste his precum
Him: how do you like this scene to finish?
me: I'd love to see you swallow and then peg you
  I have to know....
  would you prefer him to finish in your ***?
 Him: no
me: are you sure?
 Him: lol
  is this what you would like to see?
 me: not even a bit curious?
  it's not about me
  it's about what you want to try
 Him: oh, it's about you
you could have a MMF and the boys don't play
  but if you said to me 'i want to watch you suck his ****"
  i would
 me: that seems very selfish
  to not want you to play together too
and you must have wondered what it feels like to have a warm **** inside you
  rather than a cool piece of plastic
Him: if you asked me to take this man in the ***
  i might
  but it wouldn't be for me
 me: Interesting
 Him: hey what can i say?
 me: you might change your tune after you'd sucked him
Him: if he face ****** me aggressively i might
 me: indeed
 Him: i'd say "sorry love"
  that was enough
  besides with you in the room
  if he finished in my mouth
  he'd want you before he'd want my ***
me: ha
 Him: so tell me
 me: yes?
 Him: does your fantasy involve your man getting ****** in the *** by the other guy?
 me: no
  if by your man...you mean my current man, I just don't see it
but if by my man you mean you...  I could see that
 Him: i mean whatever man you have pictured in this fantasy
 me: unhuh
  but not to replace me...
  that is sort of the dilemma
to have the variety of acts
  taste of the truly taboo
  yet still retain that m/f special bond
  I think some people can do it
  but it is tricky
 Him: i agree
the ********* with a golf buddy doesn't cut it for me
 me: ha
 Him: i think hiring a pro third wheel
  might work for me
 me: I think so too...
 Him: so if it were me
 me: less emotional attachment
 Him: and you are inches away from my mouth
and his ****
  and he's clearly close
  from the look of his balls
  his tempo
  his shaking
  what is hotter for you
  letting him finish in my mouth
  or having him stop and finish in my *** ?
me: tough choice
  but I would say your ***
  so you could feel what that is like
 Him: and from what angle have you imagined watching?
me: certainly from beside the two of you looking down where he enters you...
but there is a certain appeal to being underneath...
  sucking your ****
  as he ***** your ***
  I couldn't see it as well
  not nearly as well
  but it would give you some pretty big pleasure, I'd imagine
and pleasing you pleases me
 Him: two things
  i would not suck his **** for very long if he was to end in my ***
  i'd want him not so urgent
 me: ah
Him: i think
  unless he is very practiced at virgin ***
  if he's a regular guy who thinks it's any hole in a storm
  that would be different
now where i thought you were going
  was that you would be pegging him
  while he was ******* me
 me: hmmm
 Him: but this is better
  you watch him slip inside me for the first time
  and hear me moan
me: yesss
 Him: then watch a little more
  another inch
 me: gorgeous
 Him: a little in and out
 me: hearing your sighs
 Him: and then slip beneath me
 me: seeing you open up
  and you are hard as a rock, I'll bet
dripping a bit
 Him: now? yes

milkynips milkynips
46-50, F
May 18, 2012