I have never been penetrated by two men at once (or one man and a toy for that matter).  I am obsessed with fantasizing about being ****** in my ***** and *** at the same time.  I have a very tight ***** and have limited anal experience, but I am a nasty girl who loves ****, so I'm not worried. 

More than anything I want to have two men inside me, filling me up with their dicks.  Or maybe three guys, then one could pound my throat.

Mareola Mareola
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I'd love to help you w that

I wish you are my wife

Two men is perfect. I've tried several mmf's and I love them. Sometimes it's great if the girl is sub and we use her. I've tried where she was dom, but her imagination wasn't really up for it, but what worked well was when one guy was sub and one dom.

Then, this is simply something you MUST do. On occasion, I'll "join in" when my wife is ******* her "friend with benefits," I usually taking her in the ***. She says it makes her feel more "full," and that she finds great pleasure in taking both our ***** inside of her at the same/nearly the same time.