I Had One And Now Want Another One!

This happened in australia as I travelled with 3 friends about 2 years ago so I was about 24-25. A couple we had spotted earlier in the sky diving 'shop' in Cairns were behind my friend and I trying to use a cash machine in the bar that I had just discovered didnt work. I called over to them and they joined us. We chatted about the experience of sky diving. I think he said he was 28 and she was 32. They proceeded to pile us with drinks, which we thought was awesome as we were hanging a bit from the night before.

I soon noticed the guy and my mate wernt around much and this girl was flirting and dancing with me alot. She then came out with it, can you ask your friend to leave. We want a ********* and you're friend cant come. Well I couldnt believe my luck and they certainly found the right person!! They assured me it was only striaght stuff with rules and he mainly wanted to just watch but would join in a bit - JACKPOT. I asked him to leave and one more drink and they took me to their apartment. More drinks, to break the ice and they suggested we went for a midnight dip in the outside hotel pool. He gave me some boardies and she put on a skimpy gold bikini. He body was curvy but still slim, with good sized pert boobs for her age.

We took the lift ahead and I began to kiss her as soon as the doors closed, I put my hand under her bikini and made her nipples hard as she tongued me. I reached down and her firm bum fealt great as my penis grew into a semi and pressed the boardies into the side of her leg. I moved my hand to the front to find a freshly waxed peach and darted a cheeky finger quickly inbetween her tight already wet lips. Then the doors pinged and were were at ground level and quickly adjusted altho at about 1am on a week night it was fairly quiet. However not matter how short the walk to the pool anyone even glancing in our direction would see the very large bulge in my shorts. We got into the pool and swam a little waiting for the guy, after some time he didnt come and we swam to the edge. We began to kiss again and she pulled down my shorts and grabbed my ****. She was beautiful, great pert **** with small dark pointy nipples. I effortlessly lifted her and pulled the bikini to the side and slid her onto my erection. we bounced and slid for what seemed like an age altho no more than minutes when she slowed and whispered 'he's watching - i glanced up at the balcony and saw him watching us ******* quite far up but visible enough to see us - i felt caught, but also like he and she wanted it. It felt amazing having my **** in the guys fiancee as he watched.

We got out the pool and made our way to the room, a similar scene in the lift repeated. Once in the room in became slightly awkward on how to instigate things, eventually we naturally came together in the kitchen, her sandwiched between us, he removed her bra and i went for the bikini bottoms, we kissed and caressed and her then moved it to the bedroom. A huge box of condoms was ready by the bed (turned out I needed lots of them!!) 

We laid her on the bed, her beautiful smooth skin, young breasts and waxed *****, exactly how i love it with plump labia majora forming the youthful clamshell slit appearance with **** hood and innerflaps gently consealed behind - looking clean, tight and inviting. I had really struck gold her. We discussed rules, she said no anal, no ******* in her mouth always johnnies and us guys confirmed that we wouldnt be doing anything with each other - he said he wanted to watch mainly. He had an average penis, 6 inches roughly giving me a great confidence boost as although he was older and bigger torso and body wise, when fully aroused which I DEFINATLEY was I am easily 7 inches plus and fairly thick. I let them get into the swing of things then began to eat her *****. 

We rotated through positions for hours, if he entered her i would touch her or insert my **** into her mouth or receive hand jobs while i watched her ***** being ******. If i ****** her he would ********** mainly occasionally getting head. it went on for hours, she found it hard to *** but was loving it and at one point her ***** was squirting over my balls and thighs and her ***, it was awesome and I had the drunken ability to stay hard for 4 or 5 condoms back to back maybe more, i even carried on after he finished and showered. I passed out about 4am for not very long and was woken asked to leave and gave a simple thanks and goodbye and left. The most amazing night ever. 


bearjackalman bearjackalman
26-30, M
Mar 16, 2010