Son Wants Respect For His Live In

My twenty eight year old son was in an awful wreck. He was riding his bike and was hit from behind by a truck. His father, brother and I drove five hours to be by his side for his recovery. He had several broken bones and a brain injury. They did not operate the first night because they did not think he would live. His girlfriend of one month showed up at the hospital. She was nice, older than him with the biological clock running. Our son is in his last year of phd school. My husband and I told her that it was nice to meet her. We let her know that no one would have any hurt feelings if she felt that she could not date our son any longer.
By the grace of God, our son got better every day. However, the girlfriend got worse. She would give her lunch order to me and expected me to provide it and her lodging while our son was in rehab out of state. She called our son and told him she had lost her job because she had taken too much time off work to visit him at the hospital. She tried to tell me his medication was wrong. Shes a wanna be nurse, after attending college for six years and not graduating. She kept him on the cell phone until very late even though she knew that he needed his rest to recover and go to his speech, occupational, recreational and physical therapy daily. Needless to say he moved in with her when he was released from rehab. He does not want a relationship with his brother, father or me. He especially seems to hate me now because I tried to warn him of her. She was pretty much talking with him endlessly after she met the lawyer we hired to help pay the doctor bills and she learned that the driver of the truck was driving a company truck at the time and their may be a large settlement. Last year at new years they were engaged and my son left me a voicemail. In May they were married. We had to attend his wedding for show for her family, but she stuck her nose in the air and did not say hello, kiss my ___, or anything.
What they do not seem to understand is they have little experience in life. Isolation is an avenue for the devil to slip into ones life. She isolated him from his family and friends. I carried my son for eight months and one week under my heart as I did his brother. His father and I shared his hands and feet moving across my belly. We kissed his tears and his owies away. We stood up for him against soccer coaches, took him to church and gave him opportunties to learn. We love him unconditionally!!!! His birthday is in twelve days and Christmas is a twenty four days away. We miss him and love him. Please reply with any advise you may have. Time has not seemed to help.
rex1570 rex1570
Dec 1, 2012