Extended Family

What is extended family?

I took my own survey. I asked people from various walks of life and different ethnic groups and 3 of the people surveyed were from the USA. I asked 29 people this question. I got the same answer from everyone.

Extended family is a friend whom you are close too. Extended family is a great aunt, distant cousins etc.

Immediate family is mother, brother, sister, MIL, FIL, and grandparents...as are Stepmother and stepfather.

Members of your household are people you live with.

I went through the trouble of reading a contract book that belongs to Canada's largest union and looked up the definition of immediate family. The results were...immediate family is anyone you are cohabitating with and ones mother, father, MIL, FIL, brother, sister, grandparents and grandchildren. If one of these members of your immediate family were to pass away you would be entitled to 4 days off with pay.


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When my husband and I were married w/out children HE was my immediate family. Everyone else was extended family.<br />
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When my husband and I had kids, my husband, myself and our kids became OUR immediate family. Everyone else was still extended.<br />
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Parents, siblings, grandparents are your immediate family when you are a child/not of age to be married. Once your married everything changes. I know change is hard for MILs to accept.

Do I have an extended family? I'm not really sure what to call it. When we all get together we call them the ex-laws and the in-laws. I am married and my husband and I raised his two children from a previous marriage and my son from a previous marriage together. I have no parents, no grandparents, or other family members except for a few cousins that don't live all that close. I had a close aunt, but she is gone as well. I am still friends with my ex-husband's parents, we've been divorced for 33 years. And I still call on them, 1 year when my husband and I thought no one was going to be around for Thanksgiving we even asked them to join us. My husband has no parents, grandparents, has lost a brother and still has a living brother. He cares very much for his brother, but they are distant. I don't refer to my step-children as "step" anything, I couldn't love them more if they were biologically mine, and my husband feels the same about my son. So -- enough, yours, mine, his... they are "ours"... and they are "grown". My daughter has 3 children and 1 on the way, and one of our sons has as son of his own age 2. The dil has informed the family that she is leaving him, but she knows she will always be a part of the family since they brought a child into the picture! My daughter has to contend with me (her step-mother), her biological mother, and her mother in law. We all do our best to be civil and get along for the sake of the children and have made it work for 30 years! There have been graduations, weddings, showers, baby showers, birthday parties... and a lot of them have been in our home (maybe most of them)... but none the less, at all of these events I don't have a blood relative except for my son, except for the 6 years he spent in the Navy, but now that he's back he doesn't miss a thing. He's my heart!