Let Me Out I Want To Be Free

ive been working for this company for only two years and everyday i go in and deal with this bs i dont get paid fairly and work my *** off. i know it seems like i should be happy to have a job but when i have to pick between food or bills its ******* me off im 26 and feel im 50 i work 12-to 16 hrs a day and have no time to have a life out of work and no money to do things as well i need a way out if i could i would leave with out letting anyone know so i wont have to put up with the bs. i know that even tho i am wrighting this now in an hour ill be back at work if anyone has any tips to make my life easier please let me know or if you want to dis im ok with that to ive handed wores

thank you for reading my bs hope god blesses all of you
pitbull1986 pitbull1986
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Hi there,
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