and it is being delivered tomorrow :-)


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did you get your phone today?

phones are a thing of the past i just bought this new computer that sits on top of your head if you have ever wached the show dot hack sighn then you will know what im talking about they just realesed a whole but load of them over in tokyo

It was on each other's computer's in grad school. To get them back, you pretty much have to reboot them with another similar machine, and follow keystroke-by keystroke the commands...I don't even know if that would work now with so many mouse-selected menus.

ooo that's a pretty phone :)

LOL Like to prank we used to pull of setting the background and text color both to white.

If I had known you wanted a new cell phone, I could have sent you the one we used on our trip to Germany. <br />
<br />
If you speak and read german, this phone would have been perfect for you. Every printed word on the cell phone or "handy" as the locals in Germany call it, was in German! LOL :-)

like the phone pay as u go ?

I have a friend with this one. He likes it a lot.