New Dad Please

My 2 boys lost thier dad last year.  They miss him terribly but understand and accept that hes never coming back.

The youngest is 7 and often tells me he wants a new dad. and every male visitor is a potential.

Ive tried to explain to him that it isnt that simple. He has to be far more than just good daddy material.  Mummy has to love him too.

As a mum, you want to give your kids everything that they want/ need in the world.

Its heart breaking that  i cant give them  the one thing that could  take away some of the hurt and lonliness that they feel since their dad died....a new Daddy.

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I-I feel your kids. I know how's like to feel the need for a father. Even tough my dad lived with me all my childhood I always felt like no one was there. I still fell this need and I hate it. Be the mother they never had because this father absence will drive them crazy an depressed as it does with me. If you won't be there for them they will start hate and blame you for what's happening. I can't judge and say that is understand your situation because I don't. I can't say that it'll get better for you. Situation may change, you and your kids feelings won't change so easily. All I can say for now is to wish you good luck and keep your chin up and don't loose hope. I posted my experience on here too if you want to check it out.

Have a good day!

thankyou for your reply.<br />
im sorry you lost your dad. its sad at any age but i do believe its harder for a young lad coz he needs a male role model in order to mature properly.<br />
hope you are recovered from this tragedy.<br />
best wishes

I can't compare to this but my father left home when i was six and because of that he remained a stranger to me untill he died two years ago. Be strong for your children they need you more than ever, but i suppose you know that.