These shoes.

These shoes slip onto my feet and I tie them, getting ready, knowing that right now, I don't want to go to the gym. Thesesoft and lovely fuschia and charcoal gray running shoes were a present to myself in celebration of my renewed commitment to take care of myself. When you take care of your body,  your body takes care of your mentality. If you're fighting the winter blues, sometimes each step those shoes take gets you just a little bit farther... you're stepping and stepping... all in one place... you see people beside you and see them doing it too-- feet pulsing, arms gliding in sheer determination to better their quality of life. You know that you are in the right place. Even though a part of you didn't want to go, you realize that you are glad that you are here.  These shoes carry me further in one place than anything else I know. As I leave the gym, my happy feet a little bouncier, the endorphines pumping through my veins, I smile as I leave because I know I've won a battle.

These shoes.

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6 Responses Oct 27, 2010

Yes, I liked the way your story is really about exercise but you made the focus on your shoes as well. Those fushia & grey sneakers sound really pretty and soft. I wish when I exercised I got an endorphin rush, I don't, I just get tired & wish I hadn't exercised. Instead I really enjoy lifting weights. I feel stronger afterward & I got some exercise w/o the super tired I need to sleep feeling afterward. Good story. I pictured exactly what you were writing about. :~)

Thanks 4vrUnique... Yes, I was just thinking about shoes and what my new pair meant for me as a symbol. You seem to be saying that you feel tired after you exercise and I just wanted to let you know that I think that's pretty normal because, after exercise your body becomes depleted of vital nutrients through sweating them out-- like electrolytes. Half water and half gatorade works wonders (not full strength because it makes the stomach uncomfortable) That's why athletes drink sports drinks because it helps with the fatigue. You have to replenish your body by eating or drinking something that is vitamin rich and something that has protein. Lifting weights doesn't have the same effect because it doesn't make most people sweat. I'm happy that you feel stronger afterwords and that you found some exercise that makes you feel stronger... thanks again for the thoughtful comment :)

EternallyHopeful-- isn't that the truth! thanks for the comment :)<br />
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Isshe-- so you're a swimmer? yes, i suppose it is a similar mentality... thanks kindly for the comment :)

That's a lovely story :) I think so many of us are just like this. <br />
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For me it's not shoes but my swim suit and stopping myself from making up any excuses to stop myself from going to the pool...too hot, too cold, too tired, too busy etc etc

This is lovely. I'm like this too - trouble getting out and at it, but so glad when I do!

tmkgls,<br />
Thank you kindly for your comment! :D Hugs to you!!!!!!! (I'll message you my thoughts on what you said just 'cause i'm feelin a little shy here.).<br />

What a wonderful way to show us how we can take care of ourselves better by doing one simple thing - the putting on of the shoes. I tend to see the whole picture and end up getting overwhelmed and then can't do anything. I shall have to learn how to focus on one thing at a time - such as the shoes did for you - so I can keep myself from getting overhwelmed and be able to accomplish something each day. Thank you for your story. Many hugs!!!