Shopping For Shoes At The Shoe Department.

Hey all,

Yesterday i went shopping for shoes after i got done working out. I went to the Shoe Department. I really wanted this really cool pair of shoes.,r:9,s:0

I only saw a 12w, i fit into them quite easily, but they were a little on the tight side. I asked the clerks, one of which was a blonde haired girl and the other was a brunette girl. they said that they did not have any bigger sizes. so i had to go with some other shoe. when i was checking out, i told the blonde clerk that i really liked her shoes. they happened to be a charcoal gray flats with a little shine in them...she said thanks.. I asked her where she got them at and she said shopko. Im so happy that i was able to ask her that question. After i asked her that question, i left.

I did however notice that the 2 clerks were looking back at me alot. I would like some insight on what they were thinking...idk maybe they could have been laughing at me. I also noticed that when i was driving off, in my rear view mirror i saw the brunette girl looking out the shop window at my taillights as i was driving off. I dont know why she was staring at my car driving off. Maybe i should go and try on heels there. Idk....Ladies what are your thoghts on this a and guys should i go try on heels at the shoe department?
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2011

I think you should just do what pleases you and don't spend any time on what others think . I wasted a lot of years on just that and arrived at a point where I just said screw it I want to do what makes me happy !

I love high heels. I have patten leather ones, plad ones, black ones, red ones, ones with bows above the heel, all kinds. I would love to go shoe shopping with you and see what we can find. If I saw you trying on shoes I would walk up to you and we can both put on the shoes and compare how they feel and look. You can take mine on and off too. FUN

Just go buy a pair of nice shoes and stop worrying about what people think.