Need Some

Not only do I want some, I actually need some too. I'm down to my last pair of sensible shoes as the other pair finally bit the dust yesterday quite spectacularly. My sister used them as a substitute for the stick for her Xylophone. They were ruined beyond repair and I gleefully threw them in the bin, they hurt my ankles after a while. But maybe thats just because I don't wear heels all too often. Anyhow, the last pair aren't heels, but those slipper looking sort that alert people your coming giving them time to run away. Its like wearing tap dancing shoes all the time when they hit the floor and you can't run in them as you leave the shoes behind giving someone time to kick it in the other direction so you have to hop or get a piggyback to the lost shoes. It's probably going to be heels, seeing as I'm going to get osme with my Auntie. She thinks I look good in them. But, if she does. I probably do as shes like a taller, older and maybe wiser version of me.
Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2008