I Am So Upset

My husband upsets me sometimes. Im afraid i hurt so bad my health is effected. I am scheduling a dr. Appointment tomorrow. My nerves are on edge.I am diagnosed bi polar i go to therapy and see a psychiatrist and i take medicine everyday. I work out my "issues". And i pray sometimes in the middle of anything. My husbands parents took custody of my son july 21st 2010.My son is 3. I hurt everyday from this. I just want to have everything good in our nice home (and usually very clean and organized) so my son will and can visit more and longer and maybe get him to stay with us. I am hurt. I have complexes about myself i dont want more problems. I am extremly paranoid that i am not being a good mom or i could be a better mom ,be more social,have an education ect. which upsets me alot. and this is not healthy for me. I feel insecure and inadequate. Hurts.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 23, 2013