Maybe I'll Consider It Normal, But...

There aren't an abundance of people who consider homosexuality to be normal. Even people who see nothing wrong with it often don't consider it normal. I've had two girlfriends in the past and whenever we went out in public people would stare or laugh or even yell. I tried ignoring it but deep down it really did hurt. I just want to be a normal girl. Why can't society accept us?
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2 Responses May 9, 2011

Saratoga, that hasn't happened to me yet but when it does, I swear I'll just surprise adopt the child and bring him/her up right!! lol <br />
Elizabeth, we were only holding hands, I also don't like PDA and would never partake in it. Well... Nothing too bad anyway XD

Oh, god! I know this so very well! There are times when Kris and I will get lovey in public and I see a mother suddenly pull her little kids awayfrom us... as if we were gunna give her precious little ashley lesbian germs.