Just to Much!!!

Having a normal relationship is a goal of mine. One free of drama. One where I don’t have to pay for all of the mistakes every other man in her life has made. One where I am free to be me and I don’t have to tip-toe through an land mine fields other wise known as her feelings. Where one wrong step and you could lose a limb or worse your life. Is it just a dream, is it just to much to ask for? 

LateNightGuy LateNightGuy
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Sure you will! About like all of us do!LOL

Ok thanks Loyd I will keep that in mind.

Listen to Em, LNG, the queen of abnormal relationships!The thing to remember is : Who's lips have kissed the lips your now kissing? If neither one of you are concerned with that at the time then you're in for an abnormal relationship!

*tapping foot as waits*.... THIS could take awhile!! :O

I will have to get back with you on that one.

Normal?? Show me ONE normal relationship??!! :O

Thanks Wiseowl, <br />
Its always good to hear from someone wiser than myself.

Nope, you are totally on target ! Stay with your goal and be happy. I don't like drama.Relationships do not need to be a nightmare

I know you would not hurt a flea Princess. I would take a cuddle from you any day Princess. Your cuddles are so good,

I agree Princess things do get intertwined but if I ever date anyone like my ex more that twice then please shoot me ok.

Yes! What about a relationship where people don't pull out their rulers they've judged everyone else by and EXPECT you to match within those measurements. <br />
<br />
Do we have to pay for the past transgressions of those who came before us? Maybe a lot of healing needs to happen with the person before entering a relationship?

Not too much to ask for, it's just that....a lot of women are raised from girls to want unrealistic things. Forget the flawless shining knight who doesn't so much as fart...give me someone who's lived and wants to show love.