If There Is Such a Thing As Normal.

I'm not sure if normal really exists and if it did, I'd desire it. I'm a bit unconventional as it is and my relationships are by nature a bit unconventional. I don't mind the quirkiness and in fact I probably embrace this. I'm someone who often chooses passion over stability and practicality and so I know I'm by nature resisting normal and resisting easy.

I want something a little less confusing and dramatic, something less out there. And I generally have a high threshold for all these things, but things felt so extreme and intense to me.I want someone to love me back with equal fire and care as much as I do I want what I see to be what I get more often. Perhaps I am craving a bit more stability. It's hard when things change so drastically and so frequently on a day to day basis and I don't know where she stands and am beginning to think it's impossible to know.

Granted, there were many good things and I'm still partly under the impression that things can change and work out.  But I'm coming to the realization that being in limbo is extremely taxing and I don't know how much more of it I can take. I'm thinking of taking matters into my own hands

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2 Responses Sep 20, 2009

How do you cope, is it best to give up on something you have worked so hard to archieve. Is it best that when ever you experience a hump in a re;lationship you opt for wayout and begin new one. Personally i no longer know the difference with being in a normal relationship. If it becomes too normal without fights it become boring, and if fights come they produce new thoughts to the relationship and sometimes see why she/he should be appreciated.

I think a conventional relationship would soon become boring but I also agree that limbo is not the place I want to be either. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.