My nose has no bumps or anything it just sticks out more than most people's. I noticed it when a friend in 6th grade told me some mean boy said my nose was big. Kids can be so rude. I want to cut off some of the skin on the tip and make it stick out less. I want it to be cute, but still long because I have naturally big cheeks and making it too small might make my face fatter :(
kbeary kbeary
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 7, 2014

So a kid in 6th grade made you this insecure that you want to now chop part of your nose off? Grow up

Yes that's the only reason I want to do it! I hope I can show them someday and say hey it's not big anymore!

Lol. No.
You better start acting grown if you wanna tell someone to 'grow up', this **** isn't any of your business and you're commenting on it like this.