I wanted a nose job all my life hated my nose the best thing i discovered was contouring with makeup at first I did it religiously .. The only thing that scares me is the process .. The metal hammer!!! Omg !! But I've always been a nose lover l love people with what I think the ideal nose is, I was dating this guy and his nose was spot on perfect in my eyes , my sister showed us a picture of a baby and this baby was sooo beautiful , my sisters says this is how your baby will look , I'm thinking Awww , he looks at the baby he says yea she's beautiful but she will have my nose.... This little baby nose looked just like my nose .... I freaked completely out.... My poor b.f had no idea of my nose struggles ....lol ... I went too the moon with madness because he in my mind had confirmed my need for a nose job , but after my ranting and raving and tears ... He basically said were 2 different nationalities and I have a distinctive sort of nose so that's all I meant I wasn't saying your nose was ugly actually I never payed that much attention to it until now ... I ended up getting the shot in my nose that lasts for a few months... Until I could build up my nerve too get the real one .. But I'm still scared and I still want a nose job .....😒😒😒😒
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There are two processes to a Nose Job. The cause, and the Cure. Both hurt like a horse standing on your toe. Then, the healing process is no picnic. Then, wait for the time the Splints are removed. They look like huge Guitar Picks. Four times larger then you would imagine. About 30 years later, you have it redone, as it slowly goes back to the original shape, inside. Nothing fun about a Nose Job.

Trust and believe I know most doctors will show you the process before so that's my hold up the pain and the black eyes the blood and suppose I don't like it .....smh so I want one but I know the pain and the awful process but thank you😉😊💐💐