Naked At The Reception

As a backdrop, my parents had a pool, and I, after much initial reluctance, had been able to skinny dip in it since we lived there. I have 2 much younger brothers, no sisters. My fiance eventually got very much into all this; the day we announced our engagement she said since she was now "part of the family" she wanted to skinny dip too, much to my Dad's and brother's delight. Our fantasy was to have a nude wedding (just us, all the guests would be clothed), but no way would the Mothers hear of anything like this. So we plotted our revenge. Being a small wedding (just close friends and families), we had the reception in my parent's back yard. Since there weren't enough eligible bachelors and maidens to do the normal garter thing, we decided that the Best Man would take the garter off my wife, give it to me who would put it on the Maid of Honor. The Best Man, though already married and somewhat sexist, had fancied himself quite a lady killer, so my wife was out for a good time! She put the garter up at her waist and managed to weave it into her thong panties. So he starts reaching up but he couldn't find it no matter which leg he tried. The guys yelled "higher"; he kept reaching higher and higher, and still higher, all the while trying not to lose his cool. Finally he looked at me, and I just smiled and said "not high enough!" My wife was laughing so hard he knew this was a gag. Eventually he did start groping her and found it, but he could not get it off! She starts moaning "more, more" much to everyone's delight. He was so flustered, especially since his wife was watching the entire show that he had no idea what to do next. Finally my wife said, loud enough for all to hear, "surely you know very well how to take a girl's panties off, don't you?" Eventually he got it off and gave it to me. Her Maid was dumbstruck by all this and had no idea what was coming next. I said gleefully, "now its my turn". She said, what the heck, and sat down, allowing me to take off her panties, thread the garter belt in as best as I could and then put them back on. She even managed to squirm and moan a bit as I made a big deal out of feeling her up.

We didn't do the receiving line bit until later, so everyone was now in a good mood. This was a great idea, as then the hugs and kisses were so much better. [I even frenched her mother, whom I didn't really care for that much!] Afterwards we were all very hot, so my wife and I simply announced we were going in swimming and anybody was welcome to join us. I let her go first; she then proceeded to take off her train, wedding dress, all the stuff underneath, and finally her panties, right in front of everybody and then jumped in. I followed likewise. We had clued in my parents about this ahead of time, and they had grumbled, but she had let the 2 mothers decide everything else, so they more or less had to go along. But most of the guests did not know this was coming. By the time I undressed and jumped in everybody was cheering; oh did it feel good to get all that formal stuff off after such a hot day. Some of the kids joined us in their underwear, but none of the other adults, as no one had brought swimsuits. We had a backyard barbecue for dinner, and by dinner time it was clear that no one had left or, as far as we could tell, had any objections. So we remained naked all through dinner, and allowed everybody to take as many pictures as they wanted. Many many more people wanted her picture than mine (big surprise).

I can assure you that no one enjoyed the reception more than us (a rarity for weddings). And, OMG, was that night hot; we were both so charged up! Afterwards we agreed that had been just as good as a nude wedding, maybe better. An experience I will never forget!
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I myself have never been or would attend a nude wedding. I did know someone that did however. This guy was a strange character not because of the nudity but because he is a weirdo. Anyway according to him that everyone was nude the bride and groom the guests and all the minster had on was a bow This guy was showing pictures from the festivities how inappropriate.

I can't imagine having all the guests nude. What did he do with the guests that weren't up for that? Tell them they could not come? Or was the entire guest list made up of "weirdos", so anyone who was going to object wasn't invited in the first place?
Much as I am in favor of nudity as much as possible, I find that any scenario that requires people to be naked is just as repugnant as laws that prohibit people from being naked. Everyone should be free to dress in as much or as little as they wish.
We certainly never even considered requiring all our guests to be naked; that would have led to a total and complete disaster. But we thought it would be great fun for us to do the entire ceremony naked. But, of course, the mothers didn't, as I said, so it didn't happen.