see i may only be 21 but i have been with some messed up guys and i am tired of searching for the right one...i mean my last ex oh i loved him with all my heart and i had never expeirienced love like that before i shared everything with him  and i was more than confident that we were going to be together forever...i was wrong and he left me with no explanation so i was heartbroken for a long thats what i mean when i say i want a once in a lifetime kind of love..i want someone who will love me just as much as i love him and i want it to last forever!!!!! not just something like a one night stand or just some friends with benefits!
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People want to be with someone so bad that they just dive right in. Half the time they get hurt. No one takes their time anymore. Have you heard the song "Commitment" form Leann Rimes? That song is for you, lol. Well I hope you don't rush into things. Give it some time and your guy will walk your way. There are things in life worth waiting for and a good love is one of them. Nobody understands that. Hope you find that special someone.

There is someone out there for you who will love you back. You deserve to be picky. Don't just go for the first guy who comes along no matter how lonely you might be. I did that before I really got to know my ex. We were engaged after just 2 months of dating. I had been single for a real long time and I jumped at the chance to be with someone who I thought loved me. He was not even close to being the man I thought he was. He claimed to be so in love with me when all along he was using me. He was in a big hurry to shack up with someone apparently anyone would do. Just 2 months after I asked for space he started seeing someone else he knew the girl for 10 days and moved her in with him. Boy I felt like a chump!!