Love The Tought Of Being Together With A Girl.

I don't know why but it is true. I always like guys and I wanna be with them but recently, I jus like looking at girls and I imagine being wit them and to experience how kissing a girl might feel like. I jus wanna be wit one right now. But don't know how to. :( I have never felt like this before. Even though I never been in a girl relationship, I feel better spending my time wit her than a him. I jus feel like a want to make out with 1 right now, have her soft lips on mine as we kiss and I explore her mouth wit my tounge. I want to experience it all. From the touch of her warm hand on my body and her kiss that will take me away forever. I so badly want and need her to touch me and explore me everywhere
confused995 confused995
18-21, F
Apr 22, 2012