Hey O.k..

hey i'm 18 and looking for a bf so contact me msg me at daisycrazy12345@hotmail.com seeyou then..
i2kissed1nick i2kissed1nick
18-21, F
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I will

i am too looking for gf can u be......????

Are you still looking?

call me at dis number :8985832355

hi i like ur msg babieeeeeeeeeee

hi....i m mukesh
coll me in this no.....8604871381

hai i want girlfriend like u

i cant say u i love u or not but i promise u i never hurt u if u want 2 made a reltion ship wid me plz contact me 9768151757 im 20 year old

Hey daisy Em alsO 18 Wanna Be mY gF

hiiii my contact is 9917100587

hey sweety .. just send you a mail.

Am hotmailing you now.That ok?

i love you

Still looking for one?

i need a girlfrd u can contact me if u need me ok t447024096750

ok lets be frnd 9717168669

Id love to b ur online boyfriend.<br />
Even if u already hav one, ill share lol ;p<br />
I havent checked ur pics yet but idc how u look very much.<br />
Im really into bi and emo girls ;)<br />
Id love to trade pics and talk dirty and also have intelligent conversations with u.<br />
U seem pretty cool. Im a mature 17 btw. Hmu


contact me i also want u

love u

u too