Looking For Female Friends

hey my names abdul im actually 16 (turning 17 in a week), would like to meet new girls and share experiences. im friendly and caring and ill always be there for you. if interested leave a message or add me to your circle. thanks :)
AbdulRaheem123 AbdulRaheem123
18-21, M
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Would you consider me? I'm looking for an online boyfriend.:)

why'd ya want an online girlfriend huh??? 0.o

this was months ago o.o

still....guess your search is still on.....am i correct???

Are you still looking for female friends?

Suree :)

My computers about to crash can we text? Stupid computer.

Well my phones pretty messed right. About now, get kik messenger if you can on your phone, then we can talk :)

Got it! What now?

Tell me your username and ill add you :)

I did.

Oh sorry at first I didn't see the comment my username is Runea100.

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Hello :)

thanks hun :D
yup and besties forever :3

No problem bestie (:

Y'all definitely should message him or add him to your circle (: He is my bestie and he is awesome