What If

I wonder what it would be like to submit to someone who is making you become feminine. I think I'm too scared but I do love reading the stories. Especially the true ones. You know the people who are much braver than I. I like dressing and am trying to get a collection going. Anyway i would love to hear some real people's stories.
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I know the feeling. I like reading some of the stories too and it sounds like a lot of fun but I know the chances of my ever experiencing such a thing are next to none. One because I am a bit scared of that as well but also because I know that my wife would never do so.

I'm scared too. The thought of it might seem more fun than reality. When you are humiliated in public I don't know.

I don't think I would like the in public part but at home in private with maybe a couple of extra people would be doable.

Sure I could see that.

I am lucky, in that one of my Joseph's female personnae is Mistress Joanie, a man hating dominatrix and I can't wait to become her slave, grovel at her feet and receive her punishments whenever she sees fit. I am very kinky and have lots of fatasies, giggle

Just have fun.

Oh sweetie, I plan to, giggle

I'd love to be your online master!

I guess as time goes by you get braver each time you dress.

yes you do get braver and braver as time goes until the real you comes out of the male costume, and then you become who you real are inside

Not quite ready for that yet.

it will come I'm sure of that

All you need to do is find a girl and tell her or let her see you in a dress or lingerie. Tell her you want her help being feminine