There's No Such Thing As A...

There's no such thing as a parttime child. Your child is your child, all the time. Oh, I suppose if the parents are divorced, the child can't be with both parents at the same time, but I'm sure that no one likes the fact that they can only see their child parttime. That's when you gotta be mature adults, regardless of your personal differences, and be civil towards each other as parents, for the child's sake. Allow the child to spend equal time with both parents and be flexible. Make the time you spend together special and then the amount of time won't be such an issue.
Especy Especy
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1 Response Jan 3, 2007

And that is precisely why I don't have children at the moment. Maybe later, but at this moment I can't handle more then a part time child.... (not a shared child...) <br />
Unfortunately there are a lot of parents who have the same but do 'take' children anyway... I think that that is very wrong. If you don't have the time or the feeling, don't !!!