Borrow Your Friend's Child

I know that I could never give up my immature selfish ways long enough to be a parent.  But luckily, I have two close friends (one with two boys, one with two girls and a boy) who are willing to send their kids off with me to the zoo, or movies, or will just let me hang out with them and enjoy the kid moments.  Then I can leave the hard moments to the parents!  Of course, there is SO MUCH rewarding, inspiring, heartbreaking and maturing stuff in those hard moments, and I know I miss out on that by being an aunty/friend instead of a mom.  But the part-time love is still a major buzz for me, and for the kids I think they get a different perspective and some new energy in their lives.
lillovesbarbie lillovesbarbie
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1 Response Jan 8, 2007

i think us "alternate mothers" are important to a child, but also to the parent. even though they still get the tough tasks, they really do appreciate the time alone -- usually.