Done For My Wife And My Kids Better Do It For Me

It really does work out better.  Upsets people a little bit, though, especially if you chop off a lot of the traditional (and overpriced imho) mourning-at-the-grave rituals.  

We waited a little over a month to give everyone chance to make travel plans, hired a fire hall, a DJ, and caterers (my story of the event is already posted here).  I doubt they'll get the same turnout for my party, but that's their problem.

Enough with the grief groupies!  Sure, we all have our pain to work through when a loved one passes, and it's best to share -- but first, celebrate a life well lived.  I think most religious scripture agrees that passing from this world is a *good* thing, freedom from the pain and taxes we suffer.  
windlion windlion
56-60, M
May 15, 2012