Let's Rock!

I spent most of my life as a partying hellion. My life has been a party and so should my death be! I say cremate me and let the thousands in casket money saved be better spent on an open bar and a kickass live band! With a little luck some of the "mourners" might even get laid after the party! That's how I want to be remembered, someone telling their child "You were conceived on the night of Zillaron's funeral bash, damn was that a good time!"

zillaron zillaron
51-55, M
7 Responses Aug 31, 2009

Nice thoughts....

creamate me yes, party with me yes, put my ashes at the bottom of the fruit tree and let me fertilize something.

Sounds like a great time!

Indeed! I already have a comical buffet planned for my funeral - I want various odd (but delectable) favorite foods of mine (including onion and peanut butter sandwiches, yes you heard me), a massive salad bar in a baby pool (just because I want people to say, "huh?"), and I would like my daughter to play "It's a Long Way to the Top, If you Want to Rock n Roll! (AC/DC)" before the house band starts playing - I too would like some babies to be conceived at my last party... that would be phenomenal... That clinches it.... mine will be an all-nighter band party just to try to make those babies happen. Good idea you have there.

Hmm always thought RIP meant Revive If Possible... still way to go huh :-)

Great story! I actually created a list of "wishes" if I were to ever die soon (even so far as to say how I wanted to die) in this group, look it up sometime, it gave quite a few people a chuckle!

I want a "Do not Disturb" sign posted on my casket. Finally rest for the weary.