Passion Tht I Never Felt Until....

I had never ever been able to get the same kind of connection and passion who man that I experienced with a woman. I am married to a man and love him but know with all that is true that it is with a woman that I feel I need to be with. I have had some intimacy with woman and was able to share that info with my husband. He is not pleased but I believe he knows the truth too. I have had opportunitIes to have more intimacy with woman and have felt that my feelings of attachment to these woman might be so difficult because I do nOt have an official plan in place to leave my husband. What a difficulty it is to not feel what is intended for me.
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2011

I can relate to where your coming from. It doesn't feel good to be married and left feeling like you need MORE. I am there right now too. I love my husband, but...........................I know I WANT more, but, do I need it, really?!! Stuck, feeling confused!!!

Thank you BEMYVAL