May I Kiss

I see you standing there looking so lovely. Your lips are looking so sweet and soft. Your face glows with the look of a women who just plain needs to be kissed so I move closer to say can I kiss you as I look  passtionately in your eyes and bring my lips to yours o how soft and sweet your lips feel and tenderly I kissyour sweet lips you tast so lovely as I emprace you to move into you and more passtionately kisse you 'O' the sweet passtion of you as you press your lips to mine. As my breath slowely is taken away by you. I feel you loosing yourself in the sweet moment of pure passtion. Wow you have left me so much better for having been alowed to have such a sweet glorieous moment with you what a women.
tesley tesley
1 Response May 9, 2012

wow so much motions in your words.<br />
that had just made me more...........kiss thirst.