Wouldnt Mind A Pen Pal Again

Although I just rather these things just happen like my first 2 pen pals, I kinda got used to a certain kind of exchange, so heres the deal about me: I'm 31, on disability(not physical), so I've got plenty of time to reply if I'm not lost on the internet, out with friends or running errands. I think i'm well versed in a lot of topics, my favs being music, politics/current events, culture, food, relationships, psychology, girl stuff, sex(lol). I'm pretty open minded, but i'll admit if it anything makes me uncomfortable I'll tell you. For the most part, I'm honest, intelligent, funny and easy to talk to unless I'm not feeling any chemistry. I find women around my age easier to talk to but I'm open to men too. From anywhere in the world is fine as long as you speak English well enough and any race is fine too as long as you're okay with me being black- I know it shouldnt be a problem but some find out you are then they have this idea that you "act ghetto"...just saying. Anyway, I've spoke too much- if you're interested, just inbox me here and we can move to regular email. I haven't had a pen pal since mines died a few months ago and I'm bored.
Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

would you consider writing to a man in prison?

Those never end well. If he likes me, he may consider finding me.