Postal Service Preferred

But e-mail is okay too I suppose. I just think old-fashioned mail is cooler and there's something fun and different about taking out pen, paper, and envelope. Well I am a twenty-year-old person who wants to reach out into distant corners of the world to see what another person's life is like. I guess you could call that nosiness but I prefer curiosity. It's not just curiosity though, I'd like to find a friend in this person and maybe we can support each other and give advice as we go along life. Anyone interested? :b
Oh yeah and not to be mean but it would just make me more comfortable if this other person happened to be close to my age. ^_^
letsrunaway letsrunaway
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 24, 2011

At 45 I am a wee bit older than you but I'm a big kid.Does that count.Oh and I love MCR.I also live in exotic New Zealand,in Wellington,where they are filming The Hobbit.I would love to write to you !

Haha New Zealand sounds exotic enough! Haven't MCR played in New Zealand? They're probably overdue for a visit there, they definitely are for Mexico. I'm going to be vacationing in Mexico a whole month in one week so if you'd like to give me your address I'd love to send you a postcard or letter while I'm over there :D