I don't feel comfortable jumping into another person's story for seeking a pen pal so I suppose I should write my own.

Let's see...I've lived ten different places in the past six years and my life has turned upside down more than once in that same time period. Thus I don't have any real life friends near me. My closest friend, physically, is about 150 miles away...and she's got a new boyfriend. I have a husband who would far prefer to stare at a computer, in any capacity, than have a complete conversation. And the truly dear pen pal that I did have has just gotten married and his new bride isn't comfortable with his old friendships. ...Fair enough, but that leaves me, a verbose and curious person sort of alienated. I don't much care for it.

I'd love to find someone who'd like to snail or email on a pretty regular basis and to share honesty and tales of life without recriminations or judgement. (We've all got good and bad, stop poking at each other so much, would you?)

I love to laugh and to ponder and explore nearly anything in life. I value intellect and curiosity and openness. There are no taboo subjects with me and it's tough to tick me off unless you're trying.

Wanna talk?

(I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface but I don't want to write a novella here, though maybe I should have as fair warning to any takers :-D )
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

oh its like peeling an onion with you young imp lol.....x

Hi, I just came back to EP and I'm still looking for a penpal. I checked out your profile and I think we'll get a long great. Message me if you're interested!