I Would Love One

I truly do love to talk to and get to know others. I am female and 42 years old.  I am not age picky, but may have more in common with someone closer to my age. 

I like to talk about all sorts of topics from politics to sex to varities of soup!

Message me if you are interested.
vanilladeepblue vanilladeepblue
41-45, F
6 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hi.. wud you be my friend???

I am interested to be internet pan pal with u...R u agree..add me to circle first.

Still looking for a pen pal? I am 46 female.

unreal how people react to such trivial things!!!!!

Heehee. Thank you.

i want to be ur penpal but i m too old for u... find a young girl from ur penpool

You called me a *****. I do not want to be your pen pal.

omg u r naked look like a *****

here, I'll change it....there..better?

um...that's not me, you realize that is a pin up?