I Love Writing

I would love to have a penpal! I enjoy writing letters, I decorate them and make them as pretty and interesting as I can.
I wish I could exchange letters with someone, anyone really, but there are very few who want to use a pen and paper anymore. So if you want to exchange addresses and write to each other just send me a message :)
Cutecolleen Cutecolleen
18-21, F
5 Responses Jan 7, 2013


You said you are willing to write anyone, is an incarcerated male a part of anyone? Let me know and I'll give details.

Of course, I don't discriminate.

I agree....its great sometimes just to get a snail mail letter - its a surprise :) lol....technology has kinda destroyed that for some of us

i agree totally. people rely to much on technology these days that they have forgot the simple things in life

hello colleen hope ur well from silver 47

Hello :D message me if you want

I would love to write to you , I might be a bit older than you so think about it , and youre welcome to drop me a line , -- t281156@yahoo.com
Luvis Tony

Okay, I will :) I love to talk to anyone of any age :D