The Wonderful Feeling of Receiving a Real Letter

Letterboxes are so predictable and boring where only bills, advertising flyers, catalogues, corporate letters are found in them.
They are only good for containing real, handwritten letters sent with love, from across oceans and airspaces.
Nothing beats the adrenaline-pumping feeling of finding the odd, lively letter that lies in the jaded box.
Therefore, everyone should start exchanging letters!

nuttyfood nuttyfood
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6 Responses Jul 3, 2007

it's true,the feeling one gets opening a penpal letter is just wow,the excitement and everything..if you are interested hit me up..

I have a friend in federal prison looking for someone to write to .Jeffery, Ukranian american.

I would write to him.

beautifully A fine mastery of creative art ......:)

To understand the art of 'detachment' and yet have the ability to love, explore life,love of God and not' religion' which is man made anyway and " places groups' in a comfort zone ,which creates 'wars'.Someone who loves the philosopher's views, mathematics, theology, rhythm,the interconnectedness of life and who dares to live and love beyond prejudice , embracing simplicity.

i would but that means having to leave the house to get to a postbox, stamps and in the uk there is a mail strike. but i agree. i love the rustleness of it all. its personal.

Back in the 90s and before I got online I had about forty penpals from all over the world.. we would exchange letters and swap friendship/decorated books.. I miss that.