Though it can be a bit of work, I think I really do miss writing letters. Actual letters, to people.

I rarely write much of anything anymore... I spend so much time typing, that its pretty insane. 

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5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I always put scent on all My letters and loved to get scented ones in return. Its funny now I am with My Beloved, to see the letters I sent to Him, and smell them. :-)

When I was in the Navy, there was no email, let alone computers. Ahhh, letters! The feel of the paper in your hand & if it was from one's sweetheart, it would be perfumed as well. Yes...White Shoulders perfume, how well I remember it, & how the fellow handing out the mail would sniff it before handing it over! LOL!<br />
I had some wonderful parchment paper to write on back then, the feel of the pen writing on that paper was marvelous!<br />
Y'know computers & email serves it's purposes. But, to see one's girlfriend's handwriting, it was a powerful connection to home.<br />
And, now that you mention it, I truly miss letters. :(

I know.. sad isnt it. :-(

I have old letters from my sisters that are pages long. And I used to write the same kind of letters. I guess with all of the new ways to communicate, we just won't see much of that anymore.

Me too. I have owl mails that I need to answer but its so hard to find the time when the computer takes up so much of it. :-(