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Used To...

I had a pen pal for a class I was in, but unfortunately don't anymore. I would love a new one! Getting letters is so much fun! Someone from the U.S would be preferable. Oh well, its just a thought.

findmeholdmeloveme findmeholdmeloveme 18-21 3 Responses Mar 23, 2010

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I'd like also to be your pen pal. I am particularly pleased that you are happy with your 32 A cups. This tells me that you are a well adjusted and most likely a happy young woman. May you share them with those that you love. Lucky guys.

One option is to go to yahoo and sign up for a group titled something like "pen pals".. I'm sure you'll get tons of responses! Bill in Va.

I'd be your pen pal! I used to have a pen pal in fourth grade from the U.K. and I always wished I could have continued it after the project.