Are You Serious!

I've been thinking the same thing!!! I was watching Ripley's and they featured a guy who breeds cows tobe pets. They are smaller than regular cows but have every function a reagular cow does.
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No wayy! Ide totally get one!!

I recently read in News of the Weird that a woman filed a suit against her landlord cause he wouldn't let her have a miniature horse in the house. She claimed it helped pull her around in her wheelchair so it should be allowed in her rent house under the Americans with disabilities act. The landlord said no because a horse can't be housebroken and the manure would cause sanitary problems. Check out this link. I'm 99% sure that this is the guy that was on the show!

I have no idea. I can't remember his name. I tried to look it up on Ripley's but can't find it. I know he's in the US though! Not much help I know!

where can we obtain one?

have you seen the south park where they try to cross-breed elephants and pot-bellied pigs, so they could have pot-bellied elephants as pets? i could totally go for a pot-bellied cow. how cute! i would paint its hooves.

in India the cows are gods or reincarnated loved ones. That is why they are treated that way. : )

Really just for pets. And you can also milk them The guy wants to try to replace dogs as mans best friend. He was a little odd!

Cows in India are pets, they roam the streets, have the same rights as everyone else. Probably even more rights than the "untouchables"

Are they for milk production, or EATTING?! :P *licks lips hungrily* heehehhee

They're called toy cattle. Most of them are under 36 inches tall