Where Do I Sign Up?

have you seen the south park episode where the boys attempt to crossbreed an elephant with a pot-bellied pig so they can have pot-bellied elephants to keep in their houses? that didn't work. but now you're telling me tiny cows exist? i must have one.

it would sleep in my bed with me. i would paint its little hooves pretty colours, and tie ribbons on its tail. it would give me a glass of fresh milk whenever i wanted one, and i would light its tiny cow-patties on fire for our amusement. i would walk it on a leash and everyone would be so jealous. oh the jolly times we would have!

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If anyone wants to sponsor a cow to become a "pet cow" and NEVER be slaughtered, sign up to receive emails at slackercows(dot)blogspot(dot)com. This blogger is a huge cow lover in New Hampshire and is actively planning a sanctuary with a local dairy farmer. If enough people sign up, you will receive pictures, weblogs and welcome to come and spend time with your cows.<br />
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~~All cows should be able to be Slacker Cows~~

i asked my husband last night if we could get a tiny cow, and he didn't say no. i think he was too surprised.

you go, girl!

yep I even posted what I believe to be his website in one of my story comments!

my parents refused to let me watch old yeller growing up because of how it scarred them. i hate movies where animals die or get hurt. it's really hitting below the belt, as far as i'm concerned. <br />
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i didn't see it, but apparently other people saw the tiny cows in articles or on ripley's believe it or not.

oh yay!!!!!!

nothing bad happens to him, does it? i hate movies where bad things happen to animals....

i seem to recall watching it when i was younger....very vaguely...