Beautiful Animal

  Ever since I was littel I remember my grandmother having cows in her field, just cause she liked looking out the window and seeing cows. I think they have pretty eyes so big and shiney. I think they are very sweet animals. I even decorated my son's room with cows when he was a baby. I especially like the little curly bit of hair in the middle of the foreheads. I once had to nurse to baby calves because twin cows are hard for the mother to care for and they are usually born sick. So we took the babies and put them  in the shed and bottle fed them and tried to keep them warm. Unfortunately only one of them survived because the other had a heart problem and it stopped eating. Seeing those sweet little animals and caring for them made me fall in love with cows. People sometimes think I am wierd because I think they are pretty. Most people just see them as a big fat stupid animal but I think they are amazingly sweet, and beautiful.
aprilriver aprilriver
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Me too, I just hate to see any animal suffer.