I Had One Once...

Yes, I had a pet cow. When I was between three and five years old, I lived in Prince Edward Island. My house was in the countryside and across the street from me was a little farm. My house was right next to one of their fields that had a herd of dairy cattle in it. So my whole family and I each picked a cow we liked the best and we gave them names. I named mine Blackie. Of course one day when I was outside playing I started talking to the farmer about Blackie and I told him that was my cow. He totally agreed with me and I became the honourary owner of Blackie!
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3 Responses Apr 14, 2011

Never had a pet cow before, but have petted a few of the critters.

we all love our babie but some too much where they have to go off to (you know where to feed the folks, which i hated on certain ones i loved or cared about.)

thats cool