I Want a Pet Cow Because I'd Rather Have One For a Pet Than Have One For a Roast . Cows Are Cool and Friendly Like.

Too many huge commercial milk farms treat them badly and I found out about this at the peta website. I don't eat meat anymore. I don't even eat poultry or fish anymore. If I could I'd have a farm with cows, pigs, chickens etc, and nobody would turn into food. They'd all just be pets.

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a pet cow thats the dumbest thing ever . eat them thats why they are here

Then why did the president of PeTA decide it was better to put dogs and cats to sleep when she was working at an animal shelter instead of giving them to new homes? She did confess to doing that, which makes Manders still correct.<br />
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HSUS is also against animal agriculture and using animals as pets, among other things involving the use of animals.

Correction; Peta is against keeping exotic animals as pets, not ordinary pets as we think of them, like cats, dogs, birds and such. You can look up PETA online and find out about them.

PETA is also against the keeping of animals as pets. <br />
Just thought you should know.