I Wanna With A Cow For A Long Time

the thing I would love to do to a cow is an addiction I have had my whole life and I know its gross but love doing it when I was four years old I got my first friend other than my brother was a cat and I would wait for him to fall asleep then I would kiss him on the nose I love it when animals have warm noses I can feel that they are relaxed and then I would lay down with my cats and sleep well listening to them purr. I am now 37 years old and in my life I have kiss a lyon on the nose five tiggers, fish, dogs,snake but dont care for them, I kissed that snake because my husband had died and I kissed his snake on the nose because it belonged to him. now I would love to kiss a cow on the nose  
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awwww i think is cue =] i say go for it

Go for it, girl! People kiss and hug their cats and dogs all the time, so why not kiss a cow!

Kissed any cows yet? We have plenty of them here in the midwest. Come on out for a visit.

Catlle/Cows= females they do not harm anyone really, they will be scared of you if you come up to you, but you can try. BUT a bull it all depends where and how it is raised and grew, a Rodeo bull would might kill you, they have killed buckaroo's before but there are some bulls that is as sweet as a teddy bear, just have to ask, if you know any farms, i am sure they will, as long as you do not ask them to be alone with them with a male if your a female, you know what I mean, men have done a cow and females have tried or maybe even done a bull, some folks make it ugly got others who just love to kiss a animal on the nose. I kiss my kitty on the nose all the time, i love him and even dogs, the only thing with a cow=female is that their nose is very wet and nasty, so be sure to clean it. IF YOU go to a stock show, the FFA youth will let you kiss their cattle bulls, cause they are calm due to the ring on their nose. so try that to be safe and clean. good luck

So, why don't you do it. I am sure you can find a farmer who has a cow or two that they would let you kiss on the nose. Hmmmm, on second thought, it may not be that easy to go up to a stranger and tell him you want to kiss his cow. ;o)

because they are too big and im a chicken

Now, that I'd like to see, a chicken kissing a cow. For that, I'd pay admission.