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I want a pet cow because I no longer wish to mow my lawn.
laniferous laniferous 36-40, F 5 Responses Apr 10, 2012

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Just pave your yard. you can play basketball or tennis and just think of all the parking you create.

That would be SO UGLY! lol

Paint it green like a tennis court. everyone will think your lawn is perfect (from 50 yards or meters away)

I think Im glad Im not yr neighbor

no way, I'm a cool neighbor! besides these are recommendations for you. I have a cool lawn, with lots of toys in the back yard to play on!

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I so know the feeling. Also, I would like to have a bug eater so that all of these bugs and spiders down by the lake would go away! I've heard aside from grazing that cows can make great pets too! Have you seen the furry cows that have almost a dog like quality to them? They are so cute!!!

How about a goat? Less expensive and will do the trick, plus there poops aren't as messy or big. lol I want some chickens so I don't have to buy eggs anymore:)

Yes! To both! Im sure city council wouldnt let me have any of them, though.

I know for my state, you can own 5 chickens and be within the city laws, and I think goats are considered pets. But I only ever knew of one person that owned goats and she had like 15 of them and it was out in the country. lol so what do I know?

United States . Illinois . *the boring state *

No cow needed . Hire me . I like the smell of fresh cut grass and the workout that it gives me . Even though i mostly use a rider :P .

I dont even know what country yr in!

Yr not too far. Just a short jaunt around Lake Michigan on the mower.